1860 Base Ball Rules & Customs

Base Ball is a Gentleman's Game:

  • Matches are conducted to the highest standards of sportsmanship, gentlemanly behavior, courtesy and respect for others.

  • There is no swearing, spitting, scratching, consumption of alcohol, chewing of tobacco or wagering.

  • Gentleman shall forebear from commenting on the umpire’s judgement.


  • Calls foul ticks immediately.

  • May ask players and cranks for assistance in making calls.

  • Does not call balls, and may call strikes, if deemed necessary.

  • Levies fines, on the spot, for ungentlemanly conduct.

In Hurling:

  • The ball must be hurled underhand, not jerked or thrown.

  • The ball must be delivered as near as possible over the center of home plate.

A striker is out when:

  • A batted ball is caught on the fly or on one bound off the ground.

  • After three swinging or called strikes. Foul ticks are not strikes.

Other Differences:

  • Players do not wear gloves or other protective equipment.

  • There is no sliding, leading off or stealing bases.

  • Players crossing home plate safely must then proceed to the tallykeeper’s table, place one hand on the table, raise the other hand and ask the tallykeeper to please tally his ace for his team.

  • A runner may not advance if the striker’s ball is caught on the fly. He will be instructed to return to his base and may not be put out.

  • A runner may advance at his own risk if the striker’s ball is caught on one bound, fair or foul.

Base Ball Slang

aces :
apple, pill, horsehide, onion :
the ball
bag :
basetender :
infielder stationed near one of the rag-stuffed bags or bases
blind :
no score
blooper, banjo hit :
weak fly ball that barely soars beyond the infielders
boodler :
ungentlemanly maneuver
bowler, hurler, thrower, feeder :
break one off :
to throw a curve ball
bumpershoot :
club nine :
daisy cutter :
a well-hit ground ball
dead :
put out
dew drop :
slow pitch
dish :
home plate
duff, muff :
an error
foul tick :
foul ball
hand out :
player out
leg it :
make your first :
A single. Also "make your second" or "take his third".
match :
plugging the runner, soaking the runner :
throwing the ball at the runner to put him out (illegal after 1845)
show a little ginger :
play harder or play smarter
side out :
three outs
sky ball :
striker :
striker to the line :
batter up
tally :
a run or ace counted after a runner has touched all four bases in consecutive order
the line :
the batters box
three hands out :
side retired, teams must switch places
whitewash :
to hold a team scoreless in an at-bat
willow :
the bat

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